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Formed by one of the NYPD’s finest, Perimeter Agency brings a new blend of security and investigative services at a time our country needs them the most. The team at Perimeter Agency has the expertise and training to provide investigative and protective services of the highest caliber. We have active investigators and protection specialists across all disciplines in the U.S. as well as strategic partners worldwide. Our international resources enable us to access obscure information quickly and reliably with one phone call. Anywhere. Anytime.

The safety and security of our clients is of paramount importance, and we have the track record to prove it. Contact us today to learn more about New York’s most trusted investigation and security consultants.

Perimeter Agency helped me through a very complex time when someone was infringing my brand’s copyright. It could’ve ruined me. Thank you Perimeter!
- Perimeter Client
My family and I feel safer than we ever have before. Perimeter Agency helped us build our home with protection measures built in.
- Perimeter Client
Perimeter stepped in and helped me deal with my son’s social media/internet use. They showed me how to keep an eye on what he was doing on there all day!
- Perimeter Client
It was a very difficult step for me to actually have to hire someone to do surveillance on my partner. But I was right. He was cheating. And I finally had the facts.
- Perimeter Client
When a very high-profile individual came to visit my company, Perimeter supplied us with just the right amount of security so we could relax and get the job done.
- Perimeter Client
I didn’t understand a thing about what cyber criminals could do and the damage they can cause. Perimeter helped my company secure all our data and installed systems to stay on top of all our sensitive information.
- Perimeter Client

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