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Computer Forensics & Cybersecurity

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An ever globalized and interconnected world means that the risks are exponentially expanded for high profile individuals doing business over the internet and any other assortment of networks and servers. Here at Perimeter Agency we have a team of computer experts that are specially trained to help thwart any number of hacking threats and cybersecurity breaches. From website defense and security to continual hardware modifications and network maintenance, we have a diligent team of experts that are well versed and well trained in a wide range of processes to help keep you and your information safe. Intrusions are becoming all the more common as more commerce and information is traveling in cyberspace. At Perimeter Agency, you can rely on our expert team for all of your needs.

Preventative Computer Hacking Solutions

More and more in the news we hear about high profile hacking attacks and breaches of sensitive data and information that can cripple firms and individuals alike. Here at Perimeter Agency, we have a team of dedicated professionals trained solely for dealing with the ever-evolving and continually complex landscape of cybersecurity. Our clients rely on us to safeguard a ton of their personal information, business information, financial data, and a host of other professional and proprietary information that must be kept safe. As the world has opened up dramatically with increased globalization and interconnectedness, so has the threat for bad actors and hackers to infiltrate private networks both big and small. Even a small hack can have a lasting psychological impact and Perimeter Agency understands this better than most. Entrust your most important data with us and have peace of mind wherever your information travels.

Hardware and Software Protections

As technological innovations continue to change and morph at record clips, so do hackers inventiveness and level of experimentation to try and breach networks and servers. Both hardware and software must be routinely maintained and networks should be properly encrypted on a regular basis to keep your data far from the reaches of ever-sophisticated hackers. At Perimeter Agency, we feel that we are constantly at war with hackers – whether they be lone wolves or seeds and proxies of foreign states. Rest assured we will stop at nothing to help deter attacks and keep your information and identity safe. Our high profile clients and high net worth individuals rely on us to constantly be updating and tweaking our infrastructures so we can root out issues and keep data secure. Keeping in line with the latest in encryption and network maintenance, Perimeter Agency has premier resources available for your protection.

Computing Security

Become unafraid of the ever expanding online world of commerce and data transmission and trust the experts who know how to keep you and your data safe. A complex and ever changing landscape requires experts – it is almost impossible to navigate the world of cybersecurity without trusted experts, and Perimeter Agency has you covered at every step of the way.
For all of your cybersecurity needs, Perimeter Agency has you covered. Entrust us with your data and have peace of mind wherever you and your data go. Call us today – (212) 779-1565.

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