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Social Media Monitoring

Stay on top of your teen’s internet activity

Comprehensive Social Media Reports

Perimeter Agency offers unparalleled Social Media Reports that detail your teen’s internet activity across every major social media platform including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, YouTube, Vine, Google+, Pinterest, What’s App and more.

Social Media networks are known stomping grounds for cyber criminals, rapists and pedophiles. Your child may be innocent, but the people that you children may connect with online might not be.

Our reports will:

Let you know who your child is speaking to and what sites they spend the most time on

Help you understand teenage jargon with our urban dictionary that highlights violent, depressive and sexually explicit language

Understand trends and patterns in your child’s behavior with recurring monthly reports that shows browsing activity

Let you know which of your child’s friends and social connections are influencing them to engage in potentially harmful behavior

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  • 30+ Page Report covering

    All Social Networks

    Urban Dictionary

    Behavioral Patterns

    Email Support

    Warning Flags

    And Much More

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