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Nanny & Caregiver Screening

When it comes to family, you have many concerns. Trusting your nanny or caregiver shouldn’t be one of them.

Run a Background Check

Nanny & Caregiver Screening:

Through our Nanny and Caregiver Screening service, we put potential nanny’s, babysitters and caregivers though a rigorous, multi-step screening process to ensure the well being of your loved one and give you peace of mind.

Our comprehensive screening includes fingerprinting, drug screening, SSN Trace, federal and national criminal records search, national sex offender search, address history and verification, aliases used; possible imposters; associates; relatives; student information & records; associated addresses and phone numbers; rroperty records; motor vehicle registrations; bankruptcies, foreclosures, defaults, liens and judgments; corporate affiliations; professional and other licenses; weapon Permits and more…


Fast, Accurate Results:

We average a four to seven business-day turnaround on a nanny/caregiver screening.

Low Cost Investment:

$799.99 plus applicable sales taxes and processing fee.


Our information stretches across fifty states and all US territories.

Reliable Results:

Your nanny/caregiver screening results are thoroughly reviewed by our professional team to insure a dependable, consistent, and accurate report.

Easy To Understand Report:

Our easy to understand report will include All recorded criminal convictions, Most traffic infractions included, Nationwide coverage, Drug screening, Professional License Verification, Credit Report (Signed Authorization Required), Prior Employment Verification (Three Sources), Education Verification (Highest Degree Obtained), Reference Interviews, Internet Profile (Detailed Web Reference Search), and more...

When it comes to getting very basic information on someone, an online website offering an instant background check is a good start. However, when the financial well-being of you or your company is at stake or the safety of you and your family is involved, information from these online database aggregators should not be relied on.

As an experienced and licensed private investigation firm, we are able to access far greater and up-to-date information than that found on online background check websites. We make use of a wide array of resources, including resources that are restricted to law enforcement and other certain groups of licensed professionals. When your looking to place your trust in someone, having a private investigator conduct a comprehensive Nanny/Caregiver Screening and Background Check will provide you with the needed information to make informed decisions.