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Perimeter Agency’s Canine Division

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Perimeter Agency Canine Division – For a Safe and Secure Environment
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Professional Handlers and K9’s Certified in Odor Detection – Specializing in Explosive Bomb detection, Drug detection, Firearms detection. Serving the Greater N.Y. Tristate Area

Perimeter Agency offers specially trained drug sniffing dogs and bomb dogs, led by professional handlers for a range of security operations and personal situations. Our expert teams of dog handlers have extensive police & military backgrounds and guide our highly-trained odor recognition canines to detect Drugs, Explosives and Firearms.


Canine Teams for
High Security Venues

• Cargo facilities
• Government buildings
• Airports & Seaports
• Conference facilities
• Office buildings
• Hotels

Canine Teams for
Special Event Security

• Concerts
• Conventions
• Trade shows
• Arenas
• Stadiums
• Public gatherings

Canine Teams for
Workplaces, Schools & Homes

• Offices
• Shopping Malls and Centers
• Warehouses
• Residences
• Colleges and Universities
• Public and Private Schools

Drug Detection Canine Division

Drug Sniffing Dogs for a safe, drug-free and healthy environment

Perimeter Agency offers narcotics detection services to government offices, businesses, schools, and private residences who want to help ensure they are providing a drug-free environment for employees, students, children, clients, etc.

Our drug sniffing canine teams use the latest and most advanced methods to sweep your home, school or business and can detect a large range of narcotics such as marijuana, crack (cocaine), cocaine, heroin, MDMA (ecstasy) and methamphetamines. We work discretely and confidentially with parents, school administration, government officials and business owners and home owners.

Explosives Detection Canine Division

Bomb Sniffing Dogs for 21st Century Threats

Perimeter Agency’s Explosives Detection Canine Division brings together highly-trained bomb sniffing dogs and professional handlers to support law enforcement agencies and other organizations & businesses in their counter-terrorism efforts. Our Canine Teams conducts searches for a variety of explosive materials in and around high security venues, public spaces, workplaces and at high-profile special events.

Perimeter Agency’s Canine Teams also add an extra layer of security by providing an effective psychological deterrent against unlawful criminal activities and unsolicited acts of violence or terrorist threats through a highly visible presence. Their motto is TO DETECT & DETER.

Our Canine Division

Perimeter Agency’s Canine Division is dedicated to providing first in class K9 services to government agencies, businesses and other private sector players. Our elite Canine Teams are built from the top detection dog breeds from Labs, Sheppard’s, Mal’s and Golden Retrievers all known for their keen sense of smell and their uncanny ability to sniff out explosives and drugs. Our handlers are retired police officers with extensive front-line law enforcement experience and have passed a rigorous national certification in K9 handling.

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