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Infidelity & Cheating Spouse Investigations

Suspected Affair? We’ll Find Out!

“I know my husband is cheating.”
“He can’t be cheating.”
“I think my fiancée is cheating on me.”
“She’d never do that, would she?”
“I think my girlfriend is unfaithful.”
“But she’s not a cheater. Or is she?”

Cheating spouse? How do you know if your husband is cheating, wife is cheating, partner is cheating, boyfriend is cheating or girlfriend is cheating on you?

How to Catch a Cheater

Though you may think it incomprehensible, there is always the possibility that you may have an unfaithful spouse. Signs of an affair may be hard to spot, which is why it takes the expert affair investigation services provided by Perimeter Agency to confirm or disprove your suspicions. Why torture yourself wondering “is my wife/husband/girlfriend/boyfriend cheating on me?” when you can know the truth?

Sadly, infidelity is a reality. But how do you know for sure? Maybe you’re imagining things. Or maybe your suspicions are valid. If you suspect your prince charming is actually a cheating husband, then it is time to find proof with the help of Perimeter Agency. Our New York PI agency has a full team of highly skilled detectives that are specifically trained to find out what’s really going on in your relationship. We will follow the signs of infidelity and bring the affair to light using a wide variety of effective tools and techniques. No cheating spouse can hide from our thorough affair investigation services.

Hire a Cheating Spouse Investigator

If you feel you are being betrayed by your cheating wife or husband, then Perimeter can provide you with the necessary proof to put your suspicions to rest. Our New York cheating spouse investigators work together with our clients to find evidence that will undoubtedly yield the true story. Since emotion can blind you to important details, it is not a good idea to try collecting the evidence yourself. Let our professional New York Private Investigators do the job the right way. Not only will our affair investigation help you find relief that comes from knowing the truth, but we will also provide you with rock solid evidence for the court trial. If you suspect your partner is a cheater or is partaking in infidelity, hire a New York City-based cheating spouse investigator today!

Solid Evidence for Your Day in Court

Winning sole custody today is nearly impossible, but Perimeter Agency can help you prepare for your day in court. A knowledgeable private investigator who specializes in matrimonial cases will know what evidence is needed and, more importantly, what evidence is admissible in court hearing. By using the solid evidence procured by our cheating spouse investigators, you can develop a winning strategy with your divorce attorney. A courtroom is no place for the weak at heart or the poor planner, but you can trust our team to help pave the way for you to achieve the justice you deserve.

Understanding What To Do & What NOT To Do

Do not confront your partner about being a cheater without having any solid proof. A cheater is a liar, always. They will deny, lie, or make you crazy by twisting and manipulating half-truths and stories. Let our New York cheating spouse investigators find the evidence you need today.

The Right Kind of Evidence

If you need enough proof of infidelity to bring into a court of law and present to a judge, hire a professional New York cheating spouse investigator. A knowledgeable private investigator who specializes in matrimonial cases will know what evidence is needed and, more importantly, what evidence is admissible in court.

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