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Trademark Infringement Protection & Anti-Counterfeiting

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Intellectual property protection with trademark infringement solutions

At Perimeter Agency we offer services tailored to seek out illicit markets counterfeiting trademarked brands. Our anti-counterfeiting solutions help our clients recover lost profit caused by illicit sale of trademarked merchandise. We work with the world’s leading brands in luxury goods to recover revenue by facilitating the termination of these vendors via civil and criminal seizure.

Don’t let others profit off your intellectual property. Encourage voluntary compliance to prevent further theft of sales due to competition with illegal purveyors of your rightful property.

Counterfeiting is a growing problem and it accounts for between 5-7% of the total world trade*.  We understand the financial consequences of the counterfeit luxury market and have developed a proven strategy for conducting anti-counterfeiting investigations saving our clients millions in stolen sales and discouraging consumer involvement in these black markets.

Anti-Counterfeiting services are essential for revenue maximization in the luxury goods market.

We at Perimeter Agency utilize a multi-faceted approach to discourage counterfeiters and protect consumers, profits and legal rights. If you think your brand or intellectual property is being compromised, call Perimeter Agency today.

*ICC Commercial Crime Services, 2012-01-31

Art & Wine Fraud Surveillance and Protection

Art fraud and forgeries are often overlooked in the world of white-collar crime. This subset of fraud is growing globally as more investors enter a market unrestricted by internal controls.

Perimeter Agency has extensive experience in surveilling the world of fine art. We have in-depth knowledge of the inner workings of the art world and where deception can happen – between artists, dealers, galleries, even management. We can help detect and prevent fraud in this multibillion-dollar industry, aiding clients in recovering lost profits.

Fraud in the wine business has seen much attention focused on label fraud and in the investment wine market. Counterfeit labeling of rare, expensive wines and transactions with unregulated investment wine firms characterize this type of fraud. Wine Spectator magazine noted as much as 5% of the wine sold in secondary markets could be counterfeit and believes losses by investors to rogue wine investment firms amount to hundreds of millions of dollars.

Perimeter Agency has extensive experience in fine art and wine fraud investigations. We can help detect and prevent fraud in these multibillion-dollar industries, recovering revenue and peace of mind for our clients. Call Perimeter Agency for more information today.

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