By Stacey Delikat | December 17, 2016 | Fox 5

– When it comes to who is watching your child, parents know you can never be too careful. Enter Vincent Guastamacchia and Dennis McCreight, NYPD veterans and the founding partners of private investigation and security firm the perimeter agency. They’ll watch your nanny while she watches your kids. And their services go far beyond a basic nanny cam.

Guastamacchia and McCreight say they will send investigators to follow the nanny and use cameras and audio. The company first started investigating nannies a year and a half ago. They’ve since seen business triple. The services aren’t cheap. A basic background check starts at $300 but having investigators tail the nanny can cost into the thousands per day.

But New York City parents seem willing to pay. This year, perimeter worked on an estimated 100 nanny surveillance cases. What have they found? Texting on the phone while crossing the street with the kids, not holding the hand of a young child. They’ve also found nannies dozing off or ignoring crying children.

And they’re not the only ones keeping watch. Perimeter is one of a growing number of agencies that will spy on your nanny. Some observant parents take it into their own hands using websites or blogs like to post alerts or pictures of nannies that they see acting inappropriately.

Investigators say not all nannies are guilty of doing a bad job. They often report back a nanny is doing a great job. But they say sometimes it takes a pro to see what’s really going on.

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