Don’t let what happened to Shoshanna Lonstein Gruss happen to you. Here are the top mistakes people make, leaving themselves vulnerable to theft.

  •  You post about your vacation while you’re on it.

“Burglars are smart — they check social media” for empty apartments, said security expert Vincent Guastamacchia, co-founder of Perimeter Agency.

  • You Instagram your new Birkin bag.

Don’t share what valuables you own with anyone.

“Jealousy is a major problem in our society,” Guastamacchia, a former NYPD detective, said. “That’s where crime originates — wanting what you can’t have.”

  • Your password is totally obvious.

If you run a blog about your dog, don’t use his name as your password. Similarly, don’t share your birthday on Facebook — especially when it’s also your PIN number.

Guastamacchia recommends changing passwords quarterly and using an encryption service.

  • You play Pokémon Go incessantly.

Not only are you blasting your whereabouts, your phone is more easily compromised when Bluetooth is on.

By Doree Lewak | July 21, 2016 | New York Post