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The Future of Sustainable Vineyards on the North Fork

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Discover the Heart of Rural Living

Welcome to Small Town Values, a podcast celebrating the essence of rural life in seasonal agricultural locations. Join us as we delve into the fabric of small-town communities, exploring what makes them truly special.

Meet Your Host: Vincent Guastamacchia

Vincent Guastamacchia, a proud resident of Southold, New York. With a deep-rooted passion for sustainability, he fell in love with small town America by farming hundreds of acres and developed a fervent belief in sustaining agriculture, Vincent is your guide to the soul of small-town living with a cop from Brooklyn’s perspective!

A Perimeter Agency Production

Small Town Values is proudly produced by Perimeter Agency, dedicated to bringing you quality content that resonates with the heart of rural America.

Our Mission

At Small Town Values, we’re on a mission to nurture community, amplify voices, and foster sustainability. Through engaging conversations, captivating stories, and insightful discussions, we aim to:

  • Sustain Agriculture: Championing the importance of agriculture and healthy living in small towns.
  • Promote Community: Building connections and solidarity among residents, businesses, and farmers.
  • Inspire Change: Empowering our community to navigate challenges and embrace a sustainable future together.

Educational Focus

In addition to celebrating the richness of small-town life, Small Town Values is committed to promoting education on essential topics that often go overlooked. Join us as we explore:

  • Gardening: Learn the basics of gardening, from soil preparation to harvest, and discover the joy of growing your own food.
  • Finance: Dive into the world of personal finance, understanding concepts like assets vs. liabilities and mastering the art of financial management.
  • Business Management: Explore key business principles such as margins, cost centers, and the fundamentals of running a successful enterprise.

What to Expect

Our show promises to be nothing short of intriguing. With a lineup of diverse guests, we’ll cover a wide range of topics, from the joys and struggles of small-town life to the impact of inflation on local businesses. Expect segments that explore:

  • Local Voices: Hear from members of our community, sharing their stories and insights.
  • Business Spotlights: Showcasing small businesses and promoting local entrepreneurship.
  • Tourism and Exploration: Discover hidden gems and must-visit destinations in our picturesque hamlets.
  • Sustainability Discussions: Tackling pressing issues and brainstorming solutions for a greener tomorrow.
  • Health and Wellness: Embracing a lifestyle of vitality and wellbeing in our small-town setting.
  • Love in a Small Town: Celebrating the bonds and connections that make our community thrive.

Join Us!

Tune in to Small Town Values and show your support for your local farmer, shop owner, and neighbor. Together, let’s embark on a journey of discovery, connection, and sustainable living.

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