March 6, 2018 from Perimeter Security & Investigations, LLC

Perimeter Agency, New York’s premiere Private Investigation Agency, is expanding its regional presence by joining forces with Three Star Investigations founders Joseph Ponzi and George Terra, N.Y.C based private investigators specializing in fraud, corruption, and surveillance. This joining of forces brings together, over 90 years of multidisciplinary law enforcement and investigative expertise and experience under one agency.

Collectively, Joseph Ponzi and George Terra have more than 70 years of law enforcement and investigation experience. Before going into business for themselves, Ponzi and Terra held executive level positions with the Kings County District Attorney’s office in Brooklyn, NY.

“The collective talents that are being united under Perimeter Agency will allow us to deliver the high-level service that our clients expect, while broadening our staff capacity and investment in innovative technologies resulting in a wider and more effective range of services.” Said Joseph Ponzi, who now serves as the Chief Executive Officer of Perimeter Agency.

Joseph Ponzi, former Chief Detective Investigator of the Kings County District Attorney’s Office, spent 36 years on the job. As Chief Investigator in one of the largest Prosecutor’s office in the country, he commanded a squad of over 100 Detectives and personally worked on some of New York’s most notorious cases, including the indictment and successful prosecution of two corrupt sitting state supreme court judges and the so-called “Mafia Cops”.

“We are delighted to join with Perimeter Agency. We can now leverage our success by joining forces with one of New York’s top private investigation agencies and use our skills and experience to enhance that relationship and expand our regional footprint.” Said George Terra, Perimeter Agency’s new Chief Investigator.

Terra, spent 20 years with the NYCPD during which time he spent 5 years with an FBI Task Force. Upon his retirement he was recruited as a Supervising Detective Investigator for the Kings County District Attorney’s Office where he rose to the rank of Assistant Chief Investigator responsible for their Criminal Investigations Division. He has over 45 years of extensive law enforcement experience investigating and supervising cases involving weapons and narcotics trafficking, financial crimes including mortgage and insurance fraud, human trafficking, child exploitation, Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security fraud, trademark and intellectual property crimes, identity theft, political corruption and organized crime matters.

Featured on A&E, National Geographic and I-Discovery, both Joseph and George have gained considerable acclaim and respect for investigating and building cases that exposed corruption and misconduct in the judiciary system and helped disrupt and dismantle organized crime syndicates throughout the NYC area.

“Our new executive team will allow us to serve our clients with extensive investigative experience and leadership to our extraordinary talent pool and resources.” said Vincent Guastamacchia, founder of Perimeter Agency. “This union strengthens our regional presence with a team of professionals who are perfectly-aligned with Perimeter Agency’s vision and mission.”

Retired detective and hostage negotiator Vincent Guastamacchia served the New York City Police Department with distinction. During his investigative career, he worked in the Narcotics Division, Counter Terrorism Division, the Detective Bureau and was called upon to take responsibility for the security of dignitaries, heads of state, and foreign ministers.

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